Our Services

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of healthy, fresh and guaranted grafts of Sonchafa, Mango, Chasew, Jackfruit and various other fruit plants

Retail and wholesale of plants

We have a whole range of plants. Our main product is ‘Sonchafa’ (Michelia Champca). We also produce various type of fruit plant grafts. We can provide other kinds of plants also according to the need of customers.

Horticultural developments , design and consultancy

We at Pratik nursery, are always keen to share our hard earned knowledge of plants with our customers. Feild visits are conducted with our plant experts as per customer requirement with prior appointment. End to end solutions about farm development, scientific methods of plantation etc as per customer requirements.

Urban Gardening

With our retail outlet in the Ratnagiri city we now also provide consultancy for all types of urban gardening needs like Terrace gardens, Home composting, mini home gardens, landscape design and development etc.

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